О рэпере Тимати


"Superkot" is the animal shelter in Minsk, which is functioning in Minsk since 2010.

Our specialization is animals trapped by animal control service, injured and disabled animals. We are the only organization that officially under the contract takes animals from Municipal center of animal control and temporary holding at Gurskogo, 42 ("Fauna goroda"). Our organization is responsible for them, we provide care, adaptation and put them in a new home. Thousands of animals have already found a home thanks to the work of our shelter, and we are optimistic about the future.

Our mission is to nurture humanity in people. We have accumulated extensive experience in treatment, adaptation and socialization of animals. Shelter cooperates actively with similar organizations both in Belarus and in the neighboring countries. Our project Adaptation Center "Superkot and superpes" won the silver medal in contest of social projects “Social Weekend” and it is a logical continuation of the idea of ​​the first private shelter.

Shelter "Superkot" was organized "from scratch" enthusiastically and without tangible financial investments. Until now, it lives at the expense of volunteers and donators. Slowly but surely, we are improving the housing conditions for animals in the shelter, repair the rooms by our own efforts, acquire the necessary equipment for animals, and every day we are accumulating invaluable experience in treatment and care of animals.

Our activity is legal and transparent. It is our inviolable foundation. Members of the organization are working on the voluntary basis; all incoming aid is spent only on the needs of animals and the maintenance of the shelter. The report on financial activities of the shelter is published monthly on the website. As the best report of volunteers’ work an online camera is set in the shelter that allows observing our wards by your own eyes. We are aimed at further development, to improve the conditions of animals, to do this line civilized.

We are grateful for your contribution, donation or any other support you can provide to our initiative. Any help is important!